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Virtual Reception Sponsorship Options

Estimated Attendance: 20-30

Largest pool includes Physicians and Scientists who are key leaders in Cardiology, Oncology, and Cardio-Oncology around the world. 

Your company can be featured as a sponsor of one or more of our Virtual Receptions held throughout the year.
Prices are per event unless otherwise indicated.

$100 per slide

Company Slides

Your company slide(s) will be displayed as part of the Virtual Exhibit that will be displayed at the beginning and end of the event and during any breaks.

$100 per post

Social Media Post

Your company name/logo will be included on social media posts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) as event sponsor.

$100 per month

Company on Webpage

Your company's name or logo will be included on the event webpage as an event sponsor.


Company Shout-out

Your company will be announced as an overall event sponsor during the meeting.

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