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Hi to all,

I am the owner of a media and communications company heavily involved in cutting edge technology including video production, web and app development, streaming, and large scale live events. Our clients include a number of prominent pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions, and manufacturers including Abbott, Baxalta, Baird, Pfizer, John Deere, GE Healthcare, Caterpillar, Northwestern Mutual and many more. We are also heavily involved in not-for profit fundraising work both in our community and nationally.

There are several reasons I am involved that go beyond the professional skills I can bring to the group. I was very fortunate to be in the extremely early clinical trials of Gleevec with Brian Druker at OHSU (1999). Over the years I was in every clinical trial for TKIs targeting CML. More recently I was diagnosed with a LBB and cardio meyopathy as a result of the long duration TKI therapy. This gives me a good perspective from a patient advocacy side.

Today I am in TFR and managing the cardio issues nicely with the ongoing help of Dr. Brown. It is great to be able to contribute to the group.